Growing Your Network
From Seed to Sale

About our Company

Our goal is to offer a platform where different businesses within the Marijuana industry can connect with one another in a safe and discrete manner. We continue to interact with different businesses from growers to collectives ensuring we provide what is needed to grow your flower and your network.

Mission Vision

Connecting everyone from seed to sale

Vision 2017

Creating a free market allowing users a safe and discrete method to connect to gain access to their medicine.

Delivery Method

Providing a front end network where people can access their medicine. In addition, providing a private network where different user types can interact with one another gaining access to products and services. For certain sensitive user types, we don't ask for personal information so it can never be exposed to prying eyes.

Services We Support

Green Care Network will help grow your business

Brick and mortar locations Service

Storefronts offering flower, concentrates, (m)edibles, topicals,...

Bringing Medicine to You Delivery Services

Safe and discrete drivers meeting you where it's convenient

The backbone of the industry Growers

The cultivation teams that make our whole industry possible.

Concentrate and Edible Creation Processors

From concentrates to medibles, these artists take flower and...

Ensuring Medicine is free of contaminants Labs

Knowing THC levels or balances to CBD is crucial, these value added...

Grow Friendly Services we all need Misc. Services

Electricians, HVAC, Plumbers, Contractors, Secured Transport, etc....

6803 Dispensaries

4960 Delivery Services

91 Doctors

142 Growers

ADDRESS: 37500 Pembroke Ave
P.O. Box 531186
Livonia, MI 48152

PHONE: ****

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