How to Make THC e-Liquid

How to Make THC e-Liquid


Vape Juice is stepping up its scientific credibility and being made cleaner, clearer and stronger than ever before. As the popularity of dabbing, vaping and mods grow, so does our need to make the best juice you can.


Making high-quality THC-infused vape juice at home is a very real thing to many people that use a variety of vape pens. Whether you use a mod or a standard e-juice pen, you can make your e-juice at home.


E-liquid made at home allows you to use the strains that best suit your needs. It gives you control over how strong your final product is. If you use organic cannabis and organic VG, you can make a healthier vape at home.


How it is done


The base of Vape Juice is usually made in VG (Vegetable Glycerin) or PG (Propylene Glycol.) There a few methods for infusing these but for this purpose we will discuss the easiest.


You will need:

-Highest proof drinking alcohol that you can, the higher, the better. Everclear is the first choice. 100 proof vodka should be used if you cannot obtain higher proof clear alcohol.

-Cannabis in the form of; flower, hash or kief.

-Vegetable Glycerin or Propylene Glycol

-Canning jar with lid.

-Cheese Cloth


Getting Started


Using 7 grams of hash or 14 grams of a flower will make a nice personal stash. Decarboxylate your cannabis for 30min at 160 degrees. Hash and Kief will produce a stronger vape juice in the end, but flower works just fine.


Once your cannabis is fully decarboxylated, put in the canning jar and cover with alcohol.


Cover about an inch over the plant matter to allow for expansion. Let sit for 3-5 days, shaking periodically.  This solvent strips the oils from the plant matter.


Strain Alcohol into a second mason jar. In a well ventilated area, heat a pot of water almost to boiling and submerge canning jar halfway to the top. Keep the water heating as it helps boil off the alcohol.


Once the alcohol is cooked off you will be left with a viscous oil at the bottom of the jar. This oil is your THC base and will be cut with PG or VG.


Add 7-10 ounces of vegetable glycerin (vg) and put back on heat until mixed.


The final product can be kept in syringes for ease in adding to your vape pens oil holder. The thickness can be cut with a few drops of drinking grade alcohol if needed.


Some users add flavoring to their juice, but most cannabis users prefer the marijuana flavor.


Safety tips- DO NOT use a flame to distill vapor from the alcohol as it can result in an explosion, fire and may result in somebody getting severly hurt.  Be patient evaporation can take a little time when done slowly for safety.



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